Brand Development and (Re)Positioning



Abbott Vascular is a trusted partner in the treatment of coronary artery diseases. There are not a lot of players in this field, but competition is fierce, and more often than not, pricing becomes a decision 'maker' or 'breaker'.

In order to escape this ‘race to the bottom’, Abbott Vascular asked C+H to redefine it’s brand proposition and to establish a clear, attractive market position.



Abbott Vascular helps physicians to better help patients. Not by relying on research only. Not just by developing and selling state-of-the-art products.

That goes without saying. But what makes Abbott Vascular unique?

We discovered that it is their commitment to collaboration that makes Abbott Vascular stand out from the competition. They establish close partnerships with physicians, health workers and patients alike, in order to develop the instruments that really make their professional and personal life better.



Expressing the brief

Creation follows strategy. Hence a new and creative brand definition, respecting and interpreting the international Abbott brand guidelines

1. A warm and human supporting feeling
2. Supporting each other to reach new limits



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