How to provide a platform for young artists, generate a stock of creative images for future communication tools - and put our client's organisation, Africalia, on the map at the same time?

The answer: a master class in ‘Creative Photography’ for young and aspiring African photographers. Out of many candidates, 15 where ultimately selected for a week-long master class in Dakar in February 2017 which resulted in hundreds of original and above all very African images. 


During the project, our dedicated Facebook page went from zero visitors on day 1 to more than 10,000 unique visitors from both Africa and Europe. Without additional advertising support... This great publicity made the work of our students and the brand Africalia shine, but it also established a sustainable communication platform for Africalia.

White man, black soul. Teacher of the Masterclass, our master photographer Charles Verraest.


Not conventional but succesful and durable

At every level, this was a textbook case of how to bring a brand to life, while attracting ambassadors who give the brand authenticity and credibility. 



What the client says

«Ensemble, nous avons pu redéfinir notre positionnement : un nouveau branding plus actuel et mieux adapté à ce que fait Africalia aujourd’hui. Créativité, innovation, inspiration, passion… sont nos nouveaux qualificatifs. Des mots qui correspondent aussi au processus de travail que nous avons effectué avec Jan et Daniel ».


Audrey Brisack
Communication and Fundraising officer



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