Holidays work wonders

Changing poverty is changing society

De Kleppe is a holiday home in the Flemish Ardennes owned and operated by not-for-profit organisation De Overmolen. It offers care holidays and activities for people of all socio-economic backgrounds and origins. De Kleppe is an inclusive, holistic project at the intersection of the social economy, tourism and the welfare sectors. 


Positioning is vital, for a non-profit organisation as well

Bringing together all our experience, knowledge and creativity to support this project and achieve a positioning and communication platform with which De Kleppe could reach – and convince – the right audience in the right way… that was our way of helping to bring about as much holiday wonders as possible.


What the client says

C+H’s creative process is all about searching for the power of communication to spark emotional involvement. C+H succeeds in devising a clear vision on the communications strategy. And that helps us achieve our own objectives. 

Sofie Vancoille
Directeur De Overmolen

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