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Branding Hope

Brussels based Overmolen works hard to find creative and sustainable answers to urban societal problems for people who have fallen through the social networking grids.

Funcke & Co helps Overmolen to present a clear and convincing message.






Hope can be a concept too

We show real people that are considered by many as dropouts, and their dreams, and we link them to OVM's projects.

We show the dream as an emoticon, a powerful symbol.


'I want to be a nurse'


Respectful but distinctive

This gentle graphic concept respects the nature of our subjet, but makes our communication very distinctive, immediately recognizable and very applicable to all communication tools.




What the client says

Funcke's creative process is all about searching for the power of communication to spark emotional involvement. What does the organisation stand for, why do they do it? What are the convictions of all stakeholders who help achieve its objectives? By using all these questions as a starting point, Jan & Daniel succeed in devising a clear vision on the communications strategy. And that helps us achieve our own objectives. The resultant communications “bible” enabled our volunteers to develop online newsletters, postcards, sponsors newspaper and our website.

Sofie Vancoille
Directeur De Overmolen




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