Vilvordit sells exclusive ceramic tiles from all over the world to consumers in Belgium. For many years, C+H has been creating all communication tools for Vilvordit, combining social media and mailing campaigns with 'old fashioned' paper media like the bespoke minizine Caro.


Why we publish a magazine for Vilvordit

Few people can imagine how a tile they discover in the shop will look like in their bathroom, kitchen or living room. On the Vilvordit website, hundreds of images show tiles in different settings. But, every year, we create a magazine that presents the new collections. Caro, Vilvordits yearly magazine, is given for free to prospective visitors. It is a source of inspiration but also a powerful sales tool: even more easy to consult than a digital tool and likely to linger on coffeetables, carrying the Vilvordit brand longer and in a more luxurious, tangible way than any digital tool can.


Superlarge concept for superlarge tiles

When Vilvordit decided, as a European first, to build a showroom dedicated exclusively to very large ceramic tiles (3m high and only 6 mm thin!), C+H was asked to create a brand from scratch. We started by inventing the name (Superlarge) and the logo. The marketing strategy is pure Business-to-Business, taking the superbrand Superlarge to architects, construction firms and other tiling professionnals. To communicate with this BtoB audience, we launched precisely targeted mailing campaigns, followed by invitations for seminars, workshops and exclusive visits to the Italian producers. Our target audience was informed that the Superlarge products exist, and learned how to integrate it in their own designs and work environment. Creating and positioning the new brand was followed up by establishing and entertaining a deep emotional and technical connection with the target groups.

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