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Africalia is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2000 with the aim of establishing a positive work environment for African cultural operators. Africalia teams up with artists and cultural organisations in Africa, creating sustainable development for all. In 2017, C+H developed, in close collaboration with our client, a new strategic path, a new baseline and a new visual language.






How to get one of the most valuable Belgian non-profit organisations to the forefront of public and institutional attention?

By digging deep into the values and beliefs of the organisation and challenging a small group of stake-holders to express their beliefs and dreams for a new Africalia.

C+H transformed the findings of the stakeholder sessions into new and inspiring strategic pathways: ‘Africalia teams up with artists and cultural organisations in Africa, creating sustainable development for all. Africalia believes that culture and the exploitation of creativity are the future economies for the African continent. Culture is what makes us human.’ 

As a guideline to all these aspirations, C+H created a bold and proud baseline: ‘Creativity is Life!’




Black is beautiful, indeed. So let's keep the numbers in the black too.

Africalia is not a wealthy organisation. It was not an option to invent a beautiful communication strategy that would ask for costly execution in the long run.

So C+H invented a simple way of creating a lively and colourful visual language, based on a small pool of acquired images, combined with available photographs, adding a unifying, uplifting and very recognisable colour pattern.




What the client says

“Together, we were able to redefine our positioning and create a new, more contemporary branding that was also better adapted to what Africalia does today. Creativity, innovation, inspiration, passion, … these are the things that now define us. Words that equally well describe the way in which we worked with Jan and Daniel.”

Audrey Brisack
Africalia Communication & Fundraising officer



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