A clear and sustainable position on the international logistics market

Ahlers is a worldwide logistics company with a great name, a successful history and an inspiring view on the future of logistics. To strengthen their position in a very competitive market, C+H developed a new brand identity, giving it a clear and sustainable position on the international market. This new identity went hand in hand with a new website, a bunch of distinctive images and supporting communication tools. 


The old Ahlers image: difficult to distinguish from the competition, with little or no emotional impact.


No ships, no trucks, no planes. Just the tracks that Ahlers makes while helping clients all over the world.

And the only question that really matters: 'What can we do for you today?'

A new identy that distinguishes Ahlers clearly from the competition, connecting with clients and prospects on a practical and emotional level.

A fantastic journey!

Together we travelled a long road.

Working in close collaboration with the Ahlers team, C+H started by interviewing people from all company divisions around the world. We had challenging discussions about the company’s identity and the business climate in different parts of the globe. The creative interpretation of all these data resulted in a new baseline which captures perfectly what Ahlers stands for: ‘What can we do for you today?’. In an industry where service is very often replaced by automation, Ahlers offers new innovations in logistics supported by a genuinely customer-centric and service-driven mentality.

Not all roads lead to Rome

Think international, act local.

After the development of a new baseline, an international website in ahlers.com and a global customer-centric strategy, several subsidiaries (Russia, India, China, etc.) requested support for a local implementation of the new strategy. C+H created a simple and consistent communication tool based on a string of local websites and newsletters, thereby enabling the subsidiaries to establish a real connection with their customers and prospects without it being too much of a technical burden on their day-to-day workload. The main benefit of this operation? No matter whether you speak Chinese, Hindi, Russian or English, all Ahlers subsidiaries speak the same language: ‘What can we do for you today?’

What the client says

“The logistics sector may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word innovation, and yet the entire industry is going digital at rapid pace. Ahlers can be considered a pioneer in this journey, combining new technologies with traditional services. Funcke & Co knew perfectly well how to translate this given into words and images. And in so doing, they have given our unique approach an equally unique look and feel.”

Roel Vanmaele

Managing Director Ahlers Western Europe


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